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I give women over 40 confidence and energy by emphasizing that body positivity and health come in many shapes and sizes. My primary core value is to improve the lives of others by uplifting women through awareness, physical activity, and embracing an attitude of gratitude.

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[Caution]  Body-Conscious Health Savings Strategy Ahead

When it comes to your body what is your purpose? What do you really want out of a fitness program?

Far too often women become very ambitious about a body improvement program only to end up on the injured reserve list.

It seems so easy to just do a popular (insane) workout until your back goes out, you have knee pain, or your shoulders hurt so much that you can’t even take off your sports bra without pain.

How you work out should complement your body…not beat it up.

Quick fixe insane workouts and long hi-impact cardio sessions, don’t take your tender over 40 joints into consideration. Look our joints are not as cushioned as they were in our thirties.  

When you have a workout program that does not compromise the integrity of your over 40  joints, you are investing in yourself for the long haul.

If your workouts put you on the injured reserve list, or in unreasonable pain, then you are not going to improve your fitness. You may as well forget feeling good and fitting into the clothes you want to wear.

But if you want to get back to wearing those clothes and feel good about yourself, then it’s important that you exercise for fitness and joint health.  This is why it’s so important to honor yourself with an exercise program designed with the over 40  female body in mind.

A buff young “dude” trainer is not going to have any empathy for your over 40 joints. Or your hormonal changes. How could he?  

This is why my business is for women only, and more specifically: women over 40.

I have had these exact injuries from doing typical body killing Bro-type workouts or insane type workouts.  My injuries forced me to so a complete overhaul of how I trained women.

And it’s why I’m endeared to the over40 woman. You need programming that keeps you fit, not injured. This is the top priority for all of my workouts.

I won’t get too technical on you, but I want to you know that I have researched the most effective exercises, as I continue to research and learn about aging joints and wellness.

I use this information in my programming to keep you injury free, so you can stay in the gym, and wear those clothes, and confidently wear your favorite swimsuit!

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