Episode 49: A Productive Rant About Inflammatory Foods

Listen Now: Show Notes: Is it old age or is it the inflammatory foods you are consuming?  Who knows? We do know that there are definitely foods that we can eliminate or at the very least minimize chronic inflammation. Super-foods are great, but if we continue to feed our bodies with garbage and inflammatory foods, we will not feel better … Read More

Episode 48: This One Mistake is Halting Your Weight Loss Efforts

Listen Now: Show Notes: A lot of people joke that if they waited to be ready to make a change, they would never do anything. But that is not true when it comes to weight loss. Readiness is often overlooked when we are making a life change, like a weight loss journey. People often fail at weight loss and more … Read More

Episode 47: Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

Listen Now: Show Notes: When life gets sticky, we often hear people say the strangest things to comfort one another. Often times that backfires. One such message is the cold lame statement “It was meant to be” Then there is the statement a.k.a. belief that “Everything Happens For a Reason”  In this episode, we dissect both sides of the “Everything … Read More

Episode 46: How Accepting Compliments Can Reshape Your Mindset

Listen Now: Show Notes: There is an awkward unwritten rule that dictates that women who are complimented must give an excuse or explanation and thus undercut it.  The reason for this may stem from a subconscious lack of self-confidence. Allowing this to go on feeds our feelings of inferiority. Remember our brains are literal organs, they don’t get sarcasm or … Read More

Episode 45: Belly Fat: Fact, Fiction, and Your Formula for Success

Listen Now: Show Notes: This episode puts to rest the insane diet and supplement and exercise myths around belly fat reduction. Listen to find your best formula for a whole living approach to belly fat management. Need help with motivation? Click here to get my free Manifesting Motivation Masterclass Thank you for tuning and remember to check back every Tuesday for a … Read More

Episode 44: Sh!t Happens & You are not Defined by It with Loretta Sayers

Listen Now: Show Notes: Bad things happen to good people, and not always for any logical reason. In fact, the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’  was probably created to protect us from horrible truths. Guest Loretta Sayers is very frank about the nasty events that she has endured in her 60 years. Loretta is a critical thinker who is … Read More

Episode 43: Don’t Let Your Bad Feelings Freak You Out

Listen Now: Show Notes: Bad feelings hurt and they suck, but they are necessary for change. One thing I learned early on as a coach was that if I got freaked out by a client’s bad feelings then she got freaked out too. When we examine the chain of events necessary for change we can see that the trigger is … Read More

Episode 40: Why Fad Food Diet Wars are Making You Crazy

Listen Now: Show Notes: The “I’ll-be-happy-when” attitude is robbing you of joy. It is often necessary to delay a treat or celebratory behavior in order to achieve a goal. But making it seem like we are miserable is optional. Adopting the mindset that your only joy comes after the journey is complete is robbing you of enjoying the present. The … Read More