Episode 58: Busted! 5 Fake Fitness Beliefs that are Hurting Your Progress

Listen Now: Show Notes: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. Is what you know for sure that just ain’t so.  (Mark Twain) In this episode, we are uncovering 5 fitness myths that are preventing you from hitting your goals. Listen up if you are a fitness veteran or a beginner, a younger adult, or you … Read More

Episode 57: Dreaming of Rest: Why Skipping Rest Days is Bad for You

Listen Now: Show Notes: How many times have you thought that if a little of something is good then more must be better?  For example, if a little workout is good then more workouts must be better. Or you overate over the weekend, and so you must punish your body by doing extra workouts. This never works. First of all, … Read More

Episode 56: Cracking the Fat Loss Code

Listen Now: Show Notes: Strategies for fat loss are abundant. Here are some important questions you must ask before starting any fat loss program.  Is this sustainable for you? Is this designed for your current body? What works for a 25-year-old is not going to work for a midlifer.  Fat loss is not a one size fits all strategy.  The … Read More

Episode 55: How to Enjoy Food and Get Lean with a Flexible Macro Plan

Listen Now: Show Notes: If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.  Do you view prepping food as a chore or fabulous self-care? If you don’t see it as self-care, ask yourself why not? There is no one better than you to prioritize. Your health and body composition depend largely on what you … Read More

Episode 54: Is Supplemental Collagen a Hoax?

Listen Now: Show Notes: Collagen is currently a very popular supplement. It is reported to aid in anti-aging in numerous areas of our body including stronger hair and nails, improved joint conditions, and gut health. But is it really all it is hyped up to be? Studies seem promising, or do they? The facts may not be what they appear … Read More

Episode 53: Feeling Fear and Finding Strength

Listen Now: Show Notes: Our guest today has an inspiring perspective to share that will rock your world. Take every dark thought you have about being a victim and erase it.  Listen as Lorraine shares her journey of living her best life with an aggressive tumor. Sher knows in her heart that this diagnosis is happening for her, not to … Read More

Episode 52: What is Clubhouse and Is it right for You?

Listen Now: Show Notes: Clubhouse is enjoying a honeymoon as the newest social media kid on the block. I asked my favorite social media expert, Loretta Sayers to chat about what Clubhouse is, and who it may be useful for. We got into a great conversation about the benefits and drawbacks of social media and how different generations approach it … Read More

Episode 51: Ignoring Your Truth Will Cost You Precious Time

Listen Now: Show Notes: Getting honest with ourselves is hard no doubt hard. Yet not getting honest can cost us precious time, give us undue stress and anxiety, and take up even more of our precious time. We have one life and if we ignore our inner truth aka gut feelings, we are for sure wasting precious moments, months, and … Read More

Episode 50: The 3 Best Fitness Apps to Optimize Your Habits

Listen Now: Show Notes: “There is an app for that” How many apps have you downloaded and never used?  Over the last dozen years, I have tested literally dozens of apps to optimize a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that the more complicated we make fitness habits the less likely we are to stick with them long-term. Most of the … Read More

Episode 49: A Productive Rant About Inflammatory Foods

Listen Now: Show Notes: Is it old age or is it the inflammatory foods you are consuming?  Who knows? We do know that there are definitely foods that we can eliminate or at the very least minimize chronic inflammation. Super-foods are great, but if we continue to feed our bodies with garbage and inflammatory foods, we will not feel better … Read More