Episode 75: Hold the Stress: Holiday Recap with Paula Griffin

Stress has become an epidemic. And at the holidays any emotions we are experiencing are magnified, says guest and counselor, Paula Griffin. So naturally, when perfectionism rears its ugly head, we end up stressing out because we haven’t created our perceived perfect holiday. Hindsight is 20/20, and we can learn from reflecting on our holiday expectations. Many of the stories … Read More

Episode 74: 5 Quick Tips to Make Your Goals FUN

Goal-setting might feel like a punishment. Because oftentimes the required behavior to meet your goals as stated, can be nasty. But it can also be fun. It all depends on how you look at it, and how you go about naming your goals. In this episode, I talk about how goal setting actually needs to be smart and fun, and … Read More

Episode 73: Dare to Challenge Conventional Aging with Lisa King

“To challenge aging, an entire world view must be challenged.” (Deepak Chopra) Because nothing holds more power over the body than beliefs of the mind. If you’re teetering on how to decipher what you can and cannot control when it comes to midlife health and fitness, then this talk is going to profoundly affect your current world. This talk appeared … Read More

Episode 72: Bringing Fitness Together with Jon Goodman

What does it mean when someone has been in the fitness industry for 17 years, written 11 books on the business of fitness, and published 1,000 articles from 800 different coaches, and insists on hiring a personal trainer to coach him? It means hiring a trainer is a really good idea. There is always something to be learned. Jon’s mission … Read More

Episode 71: Happiness is Not Passive…2021 Birthday Episode

Happiness doesn’t Come to you. Happiness comes from you. Have a listen to Judy’s birthday episode and see why she omits the “What-the-hell-effect”  from her mindset. The “What-the-hell-effect”  is when you decide to throw your healthy living behaviors away until the new year. It means you are giving up. It means you are choosing instant gratification often followed by guilt … Read More

Episode 69: Toxic Positivity

Pushing positivity at the wrong time can be detrimental to us and also ruin relationships. Sure a positive outlook can be helpful, except when we force it on others like a veneer coating. When we push negative emotions away we avoid dealing with them and they always come back to haunt us. Negative emotions can keep popping up like a … Read More

Episode 68: Stop thinking of Fitness as a Hobby

Investing in your health bank is a lot like investing in your financial nest egg. Think about it this way. What good is having ample finances if your midlife health and fitness are preventing you from enjoying your hard-earned nest egg? Your future brain, bones, and heart are depending on you to make choices that can optimize your ability to … Read More

Episode 67: Why Black Friday Fitness Sales are Unauthentic

Episode 67:Why Black Friday Fitness Sales are Unauthentic   Have you ever bought something just because it was on sale and never used it? If you have {and who hasn’t?} it feels yucky to have wasted your money.Now think about all the fitness and diet sales that pop up from Black Friday to January first.It happens every year.People invest huge … Read More

Episode 66: On Being Sexy, Beautiful and Powerful in Midlife with Ellen Albertson

Listen Now: Show Notes: Midlife and menopausal women are powerful, beautiful, and sexy. This discussion will fire you up to own your power in midlife and menopause.  Of course, women over 40 are faced with the classic challenges of menopause. However, we are owning it. We are not ashamed of natural aging like previous generations. This is an opportune time … Read More