Bloated after Vacation? Tips for Dealing With a Food Hangover

Food hangovers are a real thing and just like their cousins, alcohol hangovers, can be nasty. A food hangover is when you experience a bloated and sluggish feeling and your clothes are uncomfortably tight. This typically occurs after days or weeks of eating richer than usual food. Fortunately, there is a method to help speed up the recovery so you … Read More

Lessons from a Mother-In-Love (Part 2)

Earlier this year I wrote a tribute to my Mother in Law. She called me her daughter-in-love, and I referred to her as my mother-in-love. You can read about this how this woman touched many lives here. Over the years both she and my own mother taught me valuable lessons about being a wife mother sister daughter and friend. While … Read More

Foolproof Tips for Gym Motivation

It is a common fact that gym motivation is a huge variable for most folks, if not everyone. Even trainers are not immune to the lure of passing up a sweaty workout in favor of being a couch potato and catching up on a favorite TV series. So how do we get past the urge skip out on our workout? … Read More

3 Tools you are over loooking that can Change your Physique

Diet and exercise are necessary for physique change, but only if they are used consistently.  They fail for many reasons. Very often our thoughts and attitude limit us from being consistent.  “My hips are like battleships” “I have batwing arms ” “I can’t go to the beach, because I look like a whale” Have you ever noticed when women are chatting, … Read More

How to Make a Fresh Satisfying Dinner in 25”

I love to enjoy fresh fish at home but sometimes it can be dry or stink up the house. To avoid dried out fish and a smelly fish odor, I bake it in foil packets. Foil baking infuses the fish with the flavor while keeping it moist. Odor doesn’t stink up the kitchen because each fish is in a closed packet. This dish can … Read More

Quick Guide: When to be Inconsistent

Our bodies give us all kinds of signals. Many times we ignore them. We usually do this because we have been taught that consistency leads to progress. Yet, at times our body’s needs interfere with our plans, and we need to adjust the plan. This week I ignored the signs my body was giving me. That decision turned out to … Read More

‘Miraculous’ Bone-Broth Recipe

In recent years, numerous foods have been pimped out as the next miracle food.  Cabbage and grapefruit were the miracle weight loss foods of my youth. Later there was the super-food era with kale as the all-star. Blueberries were going to save the world, and more recently, bone broth is being touted as a miracle food. Let’s be realistic, miracle … Read More

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Many of my clients talk to me as if I’m a priest in a confessional. “Judy, I am so bad, and I just can’t stop being bad” When this first happened over almost decade ago, I was afraid that my client had committed a crime. She explained that she was terribly bad…because she at a cheeseburger.  There are other confessions … Read More