Episode 39: Your Joy is Being Robbed by Delayed Gratification

Listen Now: Show Notes: The “I’ll-be-happy-when” attitude is robbing you of joy. It is often necessary to delay a treat or celebratory behavior in order to achieve a goal. But making it seem like we are miserable is optional. Adopting the mindset that your only joy comes after the journey is complete is robbing you of enjoying the present. The … Read More

Episode 38: Take Your Emotional Baggage Off Your Plate

Listen Now: Show Notes: Eating will always have a certain degree of emotional attachment. From the time we are babies, we are soothed with food. At some point for many people, the emotional attachment to food can become crippling. In this episode, we learn where we lie on the spectrum of emotional eating and how we can keep it from … Read More

Episode 37: How to Make Peace with Your Metabolism with Dr. Jade Teta

Listen Now: Show Notes: Your metabolism is a stress barometer, and your brain perceives stress levels by looking at the absence or presence of hunger, energy, sleep quality, and cravings. When these are out of balance, stress is at an unhealthy level. Cravings are not all in your head. The stress barometer…aka metabolism is more sensitive and refined in females … Read More

Episode 36: How to Clear Up Carbohydrate Confusion

Listen Now: Show Notes: At different times, different categories of foods have been demonized. For decades we were taught the all fat was bad. [That was hard for many of us to get over.] Protein has been cast as an evil character as well. Currently, there is a lot of chatter about all carbohydrates being bad. The truth is that … Read More

Episode 35: The Best Fitness Advice if You are Over 40 [Part 2]

Listen Now: Show Notes: Maintaining Fitness Over 40 is unlike maintaining fitness in the earlier adult years. This is part 2 of the ‘Best Fitness Advice if You are over 40’ series. Please listen to episode #34 for Part 1. In part one we talked about the obvious two behaviors that must be addressed. The success of those behaviors strongly … Read More

Episode 34: The Best Fitness Advice if You are Over 40 [Part 1]

Listen Now:   Episode Transcript: Show Notes: Spoiler alert… the scale is not the best barometer of health and fitness. In this episode, we get straight to the importance of two well-known pieces of advice that are largely done wrong and for the wrong reasons.  Making a shift to practice these effectively will be a game-changer for your health and … Read More

Episode 33: Forest Bathing: Get healthy from the Inside Out with Deb Denome

Listen Now: Show Notes: One of the primary goals of the Air Hug Community and Grateful Fitness is to use a three-pillar approach to fitness and health. One of these pillars is cultivating an attitude of worthiness and working actively on personal development. (The other two are using sweat equity and a sustainable nutrition program) The guest in this episode … Read More

Episode 32: Your Privacy is being Compromised by Social Engineering with Lisa Miglioratti

Listen Now: Show Notes: Fast living is compromising our privacy. Our smart devices are armed with artificial intelligence (AI) AI uses social engineering to eavesdrop on our behaviors online. Also contributing to our loss of privacy is social media addiction. This 21st-century addiction is well-documented and has serious mental health ramifications. Here is the thing, the need for connection with … Read More

The 3 Best Fitness Tips if you are Over 40

Staying fit and looking your best in your forties, fifties, and beyond can be challenging. You can expect a few extra pounds to creep on, but it’s actually ok. Research has emerged that strongly suggests that fitness over 40 is a far better predictor of health and longevity than weight. This is great news for those who are haunted by … Read More

Episode 31: Age Stereotypes Can Negatively Impact How Well You Age

Listen Now: Show Notes: What begins with praising young girls for being small beautiful and youthful can backfire in middle age. Our attitude towards aging is a predictor of our own future cognitive function. Healthy is not the same as small beautiful and ageless. Even commenting on someone being ageless can fuel the negative age stereotype that ‘older is undesirable’. … Read More