Episode Thirteen: When Stress is Actually Good for You

Listen Now: Show Notes: Stress is widely recognized as having negative effects on our health. The truth is stress has a good side. Learn how it can be helpful and when to know the difference between harmful and helpful stress. Visit our Air Hug Community on Facebook Follow me over  me on Instagram here, to talk more about  all things mothers and … Read More

Episode Twelve: Counting Calories is Addictive and a Flawed System

Listen Now: Show Notes: There is no doubt that managing energy intake and output is vital to losing weight.  So why is the success rate so low for long term success? One major problem is that the gold standard for calorie measurement is based on antiquated research from the world’s fair 1896. For more information on managing a healthy weight, … Read More

Episode Eleven: Fuel For the Soul, Moxie for the Journey

Listen Now: Show Notes: Go with your gut, it doesn’t have to make sense. Guest Rita Barney traded money for time and created a mentally safe place for people to gather and open their souls. This cowboy loving Coffee shop owner found that people came for the coffee, but stayed for the warmth and compassion. Follow Rita: Instagram @rita_the_journeys-calling Facebook: … Read More

Episode Ten: Supporting Kids with ADHD in a Pandemic

Listen Now: Show Notes: Imagine battling continuous flight of ideas, going through puberty, and having to learn from a screen.  Add in the distractions of your home and family, and the temptations of the worldwide web at your fingertips. Guest Lori Barnes a veteran Math teacher, talks to us about how to support ADHD kids. This helpful discussion draws on … Read More

Episode Nine: Humor – A Necessary Treatment for Cancer

Listen Now: Show Notes: Nobody has time for cancer. This ultra-busy Mom managed her cancer journey with a strong dose of humor and faith and is now 6 years cancer-free. She calls herself a thriver, not a survivor. Some of the characteristics of being a thriving survivor will surprise you. Others will give you goosebumps. For more information on the … Read More

Episode Eight: The Taboo Topic of Domestic Violence

Listen Now: Show Notes: Domestic violence is physical violence. and/or psychological, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Our guest, Mary Whittier is the interim CEO of Resolve, whose mission is to deliver innovative, community-centered services that empower people to break the cycle of violence. call 585.425.1580 www.resolve-roc.org Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin: RESOLVE Visit our Air … Read More

Episode Seven: [In a Nutshell] Confidence, Hope, & Support

Listen Now: Show Notes: 2020 will be noted in history as an extremely challenging period. During this time most of us have experienced some level of being stuck. Maya Angelou calls this being ‘parked.’ Being parked is actually encouraging because we are still able to restart our engines and move forward. Listen to this short to-the-point episode aka [In a … Read More

Episode Six: Build a Stress Free Work (from home) Zone

Listen Now: Show Notes: Today’s guest is a web designer who has worked from home for her entire career. She brings us wisdom and tips on creating boundaries to save our sanity, increase productivity, and tips for making working from home more enjoyable. To learn more about Sky Stover, and her services, check out her website Skystover.com  Visit our Air … Read More

Episode Five: Your Size is not Your identity

Listen Now: Show Notes: Shrinking to love yourself never works.  Statements and thoughts that are self-defeating are literal to our brain and if we are not careful, will leave us sad, angry, and disgusted. True self-content comes from loving yourself unconditionally. For more information on how to recover from self-defeating thought patterns check out this episode and my ongoing Instagram … Read More

Episode Four: Fat Talk and Beauty Sickness

Listen Now: Show Notes: In episode 4 we get into a commentary about the dangers and the origin of the term ‘fat talk’  Fat Talk may possibly be a sign of another problem, Beauty Sickness. Beauty sickness is self-limiting for several reasons. For more information on these topics visit this article and this Ted Talk. For more information visit www.gratefulfitnessny.com or email judy at Judy@judyarazoza.com.  Check … Read More