Episode 82: Becca Ribbing on Can You Pass the Getting Honest Test?

Life gets shorter every day and, Coach Becca  Ribbing chats frankly about how in midlife, we don’t have time to fool ourselves. Some unlikely habits to distract us from our truth include things like scrolling endlessly on our phones or binge-watching shows. We may falsely believe it is painful to get honest with ourselves, but it is likely more painful … Read More

Episode 80: Sarah Loverdi on Why People hate to Love Anger

Anger can have negative connotations. But is that fair? As humans, we experience all kinds of emotions, and anger is just an emotion that can be a habit or can be suppressed, or it can be unpredictable. In this episode private counselor and social worker, Sarah Loverdi talks about the benefits of anger, and why we hate to love it. … Read More

Episode 79: Three Terrible Taboos to Avoid for Better Aging

How do you picture your future life? Do you want to be the person who is slowly dying, in pain, and watching life from the sidelines? Or do you wanna be the person who has gusto and who lives life on her own terms until the very last moment?  I think we can all agree that we’d like to actually … Read More

Episode 77: Five Reasons Why Your Willpower Fails and What to Do About It

This is the week (End of January beginning of February)  Where New Year’s resolutions most often become a forgotten promise.  It is the time when the excitement of a new goal has worn off and the new behaviors are just so damn hard. For midlife and Gen X  people women, who have experienced this willpower failure, over numerous years, this … Read More

Episode 76: Maryann Lorusso on Beauty Standards for Gen X Women

Maryann LoRusso has been a magazine writer for decades, and for 20 years worked in New York as a fashion magazine editor/journalist. She literally lived in that Devil wears Prada world and witnessed firsthand unrealistic standards of beauty and weight put upon women. Gen X women and even the baby boomers have experienced this first hand. This distorted version of … Read More

Episode 75: Hold the Stress: Holiday Recap with Paula Griffin

Stress has become an epidemic. And at the holidays any emotions we are experiencing are magnified, says guest and counselor, Paula Griffin. So naturally, when perfectionism rears its ugly head, we end up stressing out because we haven’t created our perceived perfect holiday. Hindsight is 20/20, and we can learn from reflecting on our holiday expectations. Many of the stories … Read More

Episode 74: 5 Quick Tips to Make Your Goals FUN

Goal-setting might feel like a punishment. Because oftentimes the required behavior to meet your goals as stated, can be nasty. But it can also be fun. It all depends on how you look at it, and how you go about naming your goals. In this episode, I talk about how goal setting actually needs to be smart and fun, and … Read More

Episode 73: Dare to Challenge Conventional Aging with Lisa King

“To challenge aging, an entire world view must be challenged.” (Deepak Chopra) Because nothing holds more power over the body than beliefs of the mind. If you’re teetering on how to decipher what you can and cannot control when it comes to midlife health and fitness, then this talk is going to profoundly affect your current world. This talk appeared … Read More