A Mother’s Day Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Judy Some bad news, there is no school for motherhood. Some good news, you have built in mentors in your mother and mother-in-love (mother-in-law) Learn from these amazing women. They have been waiting years to help with this! Trust your own instincts. What other moms do with their kids is their business. You know your kids best. Embrace night-time … Read More

Why is Monday = confession day?

Have you ever noticed how Mondays are big confession days?  “The conversations run something like this: “OMG!… I ate wayyyyyy too much this weekend! For the rest of this week I need to eat zero fat, dry salads and egg whites to repair the damage” Then Friday hits aaaannnnd the same weekend over indulgence happens again. It is not a … Read More

Cut Your Cardio in half for Double the Results

When my oldest two kids were an infant and a toddler, I would have given anything to sleep through the night. My perspective of nighttime feedings and colic changed when the next two kids came along. I saw night time feeding as quality time. I could have done this with all the babies but, I didn’t see midnight parenting as fun … Read More

Eating with Freedom AND Responsibility

Mr. Kennedy was our pal. He was also our elementary school principal. He was the fun kind of principal that we had a  healthy respect for. He was also a master at getting kids to understand rules without being stern. His advice was basic and so much of it has stuck with me years later. Mr. Kennedy was keen on preparing us … Read More

How Making Fitness Fun Can Improve Your Success

Recently I polled my clients about the biggest roadblocks women face in fit living.  We identified some common denominators, that can be powerful roadblocks if we let them. Two biggest  issues that surfaced repeatedly were: 1. FOMO ~ A common misconception is that to be fit we have to give up all of our free time and eat boring food out of … Read More

Bikini Ready?

Spring break is around the corner, and the comments are coming in about getting ‘bikini ready.’ What is bikini ready anyway? To me it is a state of mind, not a size or a shape. A girl can be bikini ready any time she wants to by accepting her body. Succumbing to the notion that one must be as thin … Read More

Manage Your Attitude To Manage Your Mangia

Have you ever started the day by getting up on the figurative ‘wrong side of the bed’? There is no doubt that it can suck. Going on with the day like you are sucking on lemons is a choice, but we don’t need to make that choice. I know If I don’t get my sleep, I am at risk for having … Read More

What Twinkies Taught Me about Consistency

Do you remember the Subway diet guy? He lost weight by eating only subs every day. And how about the Twinkie diet? That guy only ate Twinkies and lost weight. Over the last 33 years, I have sampled many diet strategies, (not twinkles or subs),  and I discovered a common denominator across all nutrition plans. Consistency in honoring hunger and … Read More

Lessons from a Mother-In-Love

“Control what you can, cope with what you can’t, and concentrate on what counts” ~ Epictetus Sometimes we do well to, pause and concentrate on what is in our heart. Today my I am doing so with a tribute to my Mother-In-Love. Other people call this person their Mother-in-law. My children never had a nanny, because they had an Abuela … Read More

What to do When a Chocolate Craving Hits Hard

During one particular snowstorm, when I not feeling the urge to eat an icy cold protein smoothie I played around in my kitchen while sipping coffee. I came up with this velvety chocolate mug cake. Hot food in cold weather, and cold food in hot weather makes sense, duh! Chocolate always calls to me when I get the urge to bake. An old … Read More