Lessons from a Mother-In-Love

“Control what you can, cope with what you can’t, and concentrate on what counts” ~ Epictetus Sometimes we do well to, pause and concentrate on what is in our heart. Today my I am doing so with a tribute to my Mother-In-Love. Other people call this person their Mother-in-law. My children never had a nanny, because they had an Abuela … Read More

What to do When a Chocolate Craving Hits Hard

During one particular snowstorm, when I not feeling the urge to eat an icy cold protein smoothie I played around in my kitchen while sipping coffee. I came up with this velvety chocolate mug cake. Hot food in cold weather, and cold food in hot weather makes sense, duh! Chocolate always calls to me when I get the urge to bake. An old … Read More

Two Tools and an Attitude

Two Tools to Make Your Diet Consistent Maintaining a consistent diet is the holy grail of leanness, and it is what women struggle with the most. I am not immune to this struggle. For a loooong time I had a rigid mindset. Certain beliefs and attitudes I embraced were limiting my ability to be consistent. The issue with consistency is … Read More

“Inconsistent is the new Fitness Habit”

I generally enjoy a lifting weights and prepping my own food. But at times I stgruggle to find time or motivation. When I need to find time in my schedule, I look to temporarily find hours, without jeopardizing my goals. Recently I found almost 4 hours in a week’s time by being inconsistent in my training and cooking. Yet, I … Read More

One Simple Change Can Make You Leaner

For years I counted the minutes of cardio I did per week and recorded them in an exercise diary. If I wasn’t satisfied with the random number I thought was inducing fat loss, I considered that week a failure. This was in line with weighing myself daily and making my happiness that day be reflective of my weight.   I … Read More

Is Your Diet is making you Fat?

Spring break is coming up, and the comments/questions are coming in are about getting bikini ready. What bothers me are the promises and guarantees that are circulating. By know you know that the only guarantee in life is death and taxes, so stop fooling yourself by believing that a diet plan is guaranteed! All diets are effort dependent on results. … Read More

Why “JUST Do This” is Wrong

“JUST do this” is …… diet advice we hear over and over again.   How many times have you heard “Just eat____ (or don’t eat) and you will loose weight”?   Just eat cabbage soup, or just eat low fat, or just eat grapefruits, or just follow a Keto diet, just drink bullet coffee every day for breakfast. Just put all … Read More

Social Food Demons…or how to manage that Football party

How do we manage portion control in social situations?     Cravings are powerful. When we see what we shouldn’t have naturally, we want it.   Making choices based on a situation, instead of abiding by our established lifestyle approach is ‘situational’ eating. It reminds me of the saying “If you fall for everything you stand for nothing”.   For … Read More

Daily Rituals…or What We do Most of the Time is What Counts Most

Daily rituals The last 33 years, I have sampled many diet strategies with mixed results. What worked best? Following a consistent routine is what worked best. Daily rituals are behaviors that we practice routinely. We can use daily rituals to our advantage to help maintain our nutrition habits. Rituals might include- Eating at the same time every day Eat with … Read More

How to Rock Your Game Day Party Food

Buffalo Chicken Burgers… So we aren’t big “football-party” people. My husband prefers to stay home and actually watch the game. I prefer to stay home and pretend to watch the game while sitting by a fire. We do enjoy making an event out it with our own version of party food. Chicken wings were a part of our younger game day … Read More