Episode Three: Surprising Effects of Alcohol on Fat Loss

Listen Now: Show Notes: Alcohol has been around since biblical times and is a hugely popular topic with regard to fat loss. In this episode, Judy talks about the 5 ways that alcohol halts fat loss.  Alcohol puts fat burning on hold. Alcohol is a disinhibitor. It supplies calories with zero nutritional benefits, and in fact, can hinder the performance … Read More

Episode Two: Finding Peace & Serenity With Weight Loss with Jeanna Utter

Listen Now: Show Notes: Our guest Jeanne Utter shares her story of how when she set out to lose weight (120 pounds) She unexpectedly found peace and serenity. She continues to keep it off for 10 plus years. Dessert never brought her peace but this way of life has. She dives into the benefits of quiet time. Her energy these … Read More

Episode One: What’s the Air Hug Community & Who is Judy Arazoza

Listen Now: Show Notes: The Air Hug Community is a place where we learn from stories about mothers and others on how to evolve as better humans. We talk about relationships, uplifting others, feeling sexy, and cultivating a mindset of worthiness. We even sprinkle in fitness and food. We are here to remember that everyone needs to know they are … Read More

Flexibility is the Key to Consistency: Staying Fit During a Pandemic

During these difficult times, our routines have been totally turned on their heads. Not only are many of us stuck at home, but if your routine included going to the gym that’s out now, too. This can be anxiety-provoking for some gym-goers. You work so hard to achieve certain results in the gym, and when you can’t go it feels … Read More

De-Constructed Fish Taco Bowls

What do you get when you want fish tacos but don’t have the tortillas: De-constructed Taco fish-bowls! Because we are in social isolation at the time of this writing, we are becoming more creative with meal design. Our original plan was to have fish tacos, but we forgot to buy tortillas. There was no running to the store for a quick … Read More

4 Tips for Managing your Stress during a Pandemic

. It may be easy to feel anxious in times like these. Our thoughts can go awry in a heartbeat. As the days have gone on, I have come up with some useful ways to manage stress during a pandemic. During a period of worldwide quarantine, people thrive on having a system to help get past the constant worry. Relying … Read More

When Your Sugar-Free Diet Fails

If you’re like me, sugar-free diets can be super difficult. Are you one of those people who could skip a meal and just eat dessert? That’s me. I love my indulgent foods. Chocolate is on top of the list – next is ice cream and cookies. I have had numerous New Years’ resolutions in the distant past, where I decided … Read More

How to Set Up Your Home Gym for Success

As a young mother,  joining a gym was not an option, and working out was my stress reliever.  I became fascinated with what weight training, kettlebell workouts and TRX training did for my physique. That gave birth to my passion for learning as much as I could about women’s fitness. The natural progression was my in-person and online fitness business. Through the years, … Read More

4 More Healthy Foods that are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (Part 2)

This is the second of two posts on healthy eating pitfalls. If you missed part 1, you can read it here: healthy foods you may be eating too much of. One would have to be living under a rock to not notice the propaganda about nutrition power foods or superfoods. The problem comes from us looking at these “superfoods” as … Read More