Episode 90: What You Need to Know About Glimmers

What is a glimmer? Think of it as the opposite of a trigger. Where a trigger sets off negative emotions, a glimmer sets off a joyful emotion. The theory supporting glimmers is associated with polyvagal theory. We are wired biologically wired to experience intense emotions both negative and positive. The negative ones protect us from danger but also are related … Read More

Episode 89: Age is not a Limitation with Dr. Justin Farnsworth

We have an inactivity problem that is messing up the fundamentals. It’s not an age problem it’s an inactivity lifestyle problem. It is a misconception to think that at a certain age you should not lift weights. The truth is we are losing power at a rough rate of 15% per decade and strength at about 10% per decade. So … Read More

Episode 88: OMG! Don’t Be An Active Couch Potato

Have you heard of the term Active Couch Potato? It’s real, and not something you want to be. The name reminds me of being called half-wit, which a nasty substitute teacher once called me for talking too much in her class. Can you imagine? I am still pissed about her comment. Q: What exactly is an Active Couch Potato? A: … Read More

Episode 87: Everyone Loves a Challenge, but do they Actually Work?

Challenges at first glance might look like a great way to get motivated to achieve a goal or lose weight. But in truth, they rarely produce lasting results and often contribute to bad habits. In this episode, we episode discuss why challenges often backfire and what you can do instead to stay on your desired path. Everyone struggles with motivation … Read More

Episode 85: Alunas Havens on The Winner’s Paradigm

If you don’t solve trauma it is going to come out again and again. Today’s guest has had to learn that. From his tumultuous childhood to his time in the military and then as a young father, he has learned that a winning paradigm is about being willing to re-calibrate his mindset over and over again. Alunas Havens shares his … Read More

Episode 84: Why You need a Jar of Hearts

Why is it so hard to love ourselves no matter what? We know that loving ourselves is a prerequisite to loving others, as well as treating ourselves kindly and compassionately. Yet literally everyone struggles with this on some level. Cue up habits. Loving yourself needs to be a habit that you place a high priority on. As in we only … Read More

Episode 82: Becca Ribbing on Can You Pass the Getting Honest Test?

Life gets shorter every day and, Coach Becca  Ribbing chats frankly about how in midlife, we don’t have time to fool ourselves. Some unlikely habits to distract us from our truth include things like scrolling endlessly on our phones or binge-watching shows. We may falsely believe it is painful to get honest with ourselves, but it is likely more painful … Read More