Episode 97: Your Diet May be Causing You to Retain Fat

Could your diet be making you hold onto fat? In some cases that’s exactly what could happen. In today’s episode we talk about a study that examines women with high cognitive dietary restraint in women with low cognitive dietary restraint. So what is cognitive dietary restraint? It is the perceived ongoing effort to limit dietary intake to maintain or manage … Read More

Episode 95: Eff Aging Gracefully

What is ‘aging gracefully’? I did a little Google search and came up with various definitions,  but mostly it is an overused term that can be used to induce guilt and shame, especially in women. Forget what you’ve heard about aging gracefully. I’m asking you to explore a different attitude about aging and that attitude is JOY. In this episode, … Read More

Episode 94: Dark Secrets of Body Image in Midlife Women

Body Image issues are largely thought of a problem for adolescent girls and younger women. But studies now indicate that midlife women and women over 50 are just as likely to struggle with body image and disordered eating. If these women are going to get the assistance they need, the health care and fitness communities need to be aware that … Read More

Episode 92: Ten Non Diet/Non Exercise Tips for Getting Leaner

You know it’s a fact that exercise alone does not work for getting leaner. And we also know that dieting alone may help you lose weight but it may turn you into a skinny flabby person. There’s a better way around this, and I am not suggesting that you skip exercise or stop eating healthy. You’re going to want to … Read More

Episode 90: What You Need to Know About Glimmers

What is a glimmer? Think of it as the opposite of a trigger. Where a trigger sets off negative emotions, a glimmer sets off a joyful emotion. The theory supporting glimmers is associated with polyvagal theory. We are wired biologically wired to experience intense emotions both negative and positive. The negative ones protect us from danger but also are related … Read More

Episode 89: Age is not a Limitation with Dr. Justin Farnsworth

We have an inactivity problem that is messing up the fundamentals. It’s not an age problem it’s an inactivity lifestyle problem. It is a misconception to think that at a certain age you should not lift weights. The truth is we are losing power at a rough rate of 15% per decade and strength at about 10% per decade. So … Read More