Episode 33: Forest Bathing: Get healthy from the Inside Out with Deb Denome

Listen Now: Show Notes: One of the primary goals of the Air Hug Community and Grateful Fitness is to use a three-pillar approach to fitness and health. One of these pillars is cultivating an attitude of worthiness and working actively on personal development. (The other two are using sweat equity and a sustainable nutrition program) The guest in this episode … Read More

Episode 32: Your Privacy is being Compromised by Social Engineering with Lisa Miglioratti

Listen Now: Show Notes: Fast living is compromising our privacy. Our smart devices are armed with artificial intelligence (AI) AI uses social engineering to eavesdrop on our behaviors online. Also contributing to our loss of privacy is social media addiction. This 21st-century addiction is well-documented and has serious mental health ramifications. Here is the thing, the need for connection with … Read More

Episode Twenty-Nine: Happiness Hack and The Joy of Living Organized

Listen Now: Show Notes: There is no place like home. Being on lockdown for a year has given us a unique set of challenges. One of the most rewarding ways to find joy, and save time and money is to have an organized home, and home office. Professional organizer Dina Madigan gives us some great hacks for getting and staying … Read More

Episode Twenty-Three: Why You are Here, Oprah, and Hooping with Geri McNeice

Listen Now: Everything happens for a reason. Even the most random things are pertinent. Trust the universe to deliver, and also put your blinders on to stay in your lane. This mindset spawned a flourishing career and also got Geri McNeice onto the Oprah show. Her story is riveting and hilarious. New episodes air every Tuesday Contact Geri at Aroundjoy.com Visit … Read More

Episode Twenty-Two: Numbing her way into Debt and Recovering with Melissa Houston

Listen Now: This is the elaborate story about how a professional CPA buried herself in debt to numb her feelings, how she dug her way out, and how she now coaches women in personal and business finance. ***New episodes release every Tuesday! Contact Melissa here: https://www.melissahoustoncpa.com/ Visit our Air Hug Community on Facebook Follow me over  me on Instagram here, to talk more … Read More

Episode Nineteen: Life is a Roller Coaster, Take Back Your Power with Meg Burton Tudman

Listen Now: Gain freedom and power by acknowledging the waves of emotions that inevitably emerge. We don’t have to like every emotion. Look at the sucky ones as an opportunity to get grounded in reality. Then give yourself permission to feel them and move forward instead of numbing them until they explode. Guest Meg Burton Tudman can befound on Megburtontudman.com and on … Read More

Episode Seventeen: Sleep, Stress, and Digestion with Dr. Jillian Teta

Listen Now: Dr. Jillian Teta chats about stress during the pandemic and how sleep quality and quantity are intertwined with stress and digestive issues. follow Dr. Jillian on Instagram @jillianteta and her website: https://jillianteta.com/  https://jillianteta.com/get-the-book/ Visit our Air Hug Community on Facebook Follow me over  me on Instagram here, to talk more about  all things mothers and others from family life, to work, food, … Read More