Lifestyle Nutrition Consult

You have the desire to get fit, but you are stuck on the diet roller coaster. You always abandon diets because they take up all your mental energy. At this point, low-calorie diets don’t even work for you anymore, because your metabolism is shot. Where do you even begin? The thought of starting over again, makes it all seem overwhelming.

So, once again you let the thought go, keep starting diets and then quitting them. Meanwhile, you know you can do it, but the plans never stick.  You are looking for direction.

A personal consultation is exactly the direction you are searching for. During our 50-minute call we will:

  • Carefully examine the struggles unique to your stage of life, that are blocking your progress.
  • Uncover your true “why”, so that you can feel better about yourself inside and out.
  • Design a meal template that works with your lifestyle instead of fighting against it.
  • Recommend potential game plans to end those struggles and uplevel your nutrition in a way that you can live with indefinitely.

This is a one-time thorough dive into your nutritional needs based on your stage of life and preferred lifestyle.

60 minute call  $150.00
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