8 Reasons to Prioritize Glute Exercises for Fitness Over 40


As a kid, I would spend summer afternoons looking for four-leaf clovers to wish on.

Four-leaf clovers were pretty rare in my yard, so I had to spend my wishes wisely.

When I was about 10, I wished I could wear a maxi dress to school every day. Strange I know, but hey, it was the early seventies.

When I was 11, I wished I could wear jeans to school every day. (This wasn’t allowed just yet)

When I was 12, I wished that I had the ability to do a back handspring on the balance beam.

I finally realized that wishes were not going to get me very far.  There weren’t enough opprtunities for wishes to actually come true…. finding the elusive four-leaf clovers. And, I wasn’t convinced that four-leaf clovers could grant me my wishes.

In some ways, we never stop wishing like children. Ladies often half joke half wish for the best way to make overall body improvements.

Walk into any gym and look around. You would think that the elliptical machine and crunches are the best exercises for overall improvement. But look closer and notice that those women never seem to improve their physiques.

There is one type of exercise above all that WILL deliver the absolute best improvements.

What is it?

Glute training.

Here are 8 reasons to prioritize glute training consistently (Yes, even over cardio machines):

  1. Stronger glutes burn the most energy of any muscle group and will keep burning post workout. (aka fat burning)
  2. Strong glutes protect your knees. Glutes stabilize hips and protect knees and ankles by keeping them aligned
  3. Strong Glutes protect your lower back.  This alone is worth it based on the number of back issues reported I women over 40. Stronger Glutes allow for more effective hip movement and thus less strain on the low back.
  4. As the largest muscle in the body Glutes use up the most energy at rest and post workout.
  5. Stronger Glutes take the pressure off hamstrings. Work on Glutes to keep hamstrings from straining.
  6. Strong Glutes prevent thighs from overworking.  If the glutes are weak, squats will be thigh dominant and lead to tighter Glutes. Prioritize glute training to balance strength.
  7. Runners with strong glutes reduce their risk for injury from quad dominance.
  8. Stronger glutes are more aesthetically-pleasing than pancake butts.

If you are serious about changing your physique and minimizing the ailments listed above, then make glute training your number one exercise priority.

Ps – you don’t have to squat super heavy to improve your glute strength.  Women in my membership will attest to the fact that we train our buttocks consistently and with varied exercises that are never scary. In fact, our philosophy is this: an exercise should challenge you, but also never be so heavy that it scares you.

I have put together a few free exercise videos (complimentary) that are knee friendly and target the glutes.

You can access them by signing up here:  Knee Friendly Glute Exercises.

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