Mission: Sustainable Nutrition

Learn a skill set that makes you feel good, look good, and have more energy than you thought possible!

The GF Mission: Sustainable Nutrition Membership

What it is:

This is a small group sustained coaching nutrition and mindset program that teaches women how to apply strategies for weight management and body acceptance so that the days of yo-yo dieting and crying while looking in the mirror are over.

What are the benefits?

You will learn how to:

  • Define your purpose and understand why it's important to your long-term success in weight management.

  • Sustainably eat for your best body without starving yourself.

  • Enjoy food responsibly and cultivate sustainable habits for long-term success - not just those short-term wins.

  • Feel better about how you eat, look, and move so that you can look in the mirror and feel joy instead of getting wrapped up in numbers on the scale.

  • Experience emotions without knee jerk reactions like over or under-eating.

  • Easily attend social events and have fun without fear of overeating.

  • Become an expert at the habits and tools you need to sustain that healthy, lean, body for life.

How does this work?

  • Live weekly Zoom group strategy calls so that you can get answers to your nutrition questions and get the benefit of hearing answers to others’ questions as well!

  • Access to our private portal with brief training modules designed to teach you how to foster long-term nutrition and weight management success.

  • Accountability group chat for support from other women in the program. Use this as little or often as you want - but the camaraderie is super helpful!

  • Access to the email support so that you can get answers to your most pressing nutrition questions or just a little extra support from Coach Judy. Judy will reply within 24 hours on weekdays.

  • We use small steps to cultivate habit training that supports progress that is not only quick, but sustainable

  • Need more support? Book up to two 15 minute calls with Judy per month, included.

Nutritional guidance, motivational content, group support and accountability strategies are the pillars of this program.

Everything is easily accessed on a password-protected site. Information is shared in small manageable amounts. There will not be hours of homework or spreadsheets to fill out. The information shared will include valuable lifestyle tools.

Included are scheduled accountability check-ins via live conference calls. Each of these calls will include time for Q&A and a check-in.

We will discuss what was done, how it felt, and if it worked. Then we will strategize the next steps.

This is my favorite part of Mission: Sustainable Nutrition because everyone listens with compassion and often the solutions come from the group. This is true synergy.

We will be establishing a purpose and goals right off the bat so that we can keep focused. We will also be keeping measurements to track our progress. Nobody needs to see your numbers.

Everyone has open access to me for questions via email, and will get help and ongoing guidance. Emails will be answered between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm weekdays.

A members-only FB group for inspirational content and motivation from fellow participants is available.Please note that all teaching will take place on the password protected portal and on our bi-weekly accountability calls. You do not have to be on Facebook.

Everyone will have an accountability partner. You will provide added support for one another and are encouraged to chat briefly and check-in together with a brief phone call.

The group dynamic is the best because all members have access to the group and we all elevate one another. Your question may be asked by someone else, or you may see a question that you didn’t even think to ask, but is really helpful.

Social support has been proven to be the number #1 factor in the long term success of fitness and nutrition behavior outcomes. This dynamic has been well tested, and women who have worked with me in group coaching, have experienced their best ever success without deprivation and crazy fad rules.

As part of this exclusive program, you will get unlimited support.

Who this is not for:

  • Bodybuilders
  • Fitness models
  • People interested in severe temporary dieting alternated with going off diets and regaining weight
  • People looking for fast weight loss. I refuse to feed into the fast weight loss myth. Fast weight loss is never sustainable

Sustainable progress is what everyone needs and desires most, and sustainable progress is incompatible with fast results.


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* Lifetime purchase includes a bonus 45-minute intensive strategy session and a gift via snail mail.