HIIT Fit Jumpstart

HIIT Fit Jumpstart! Fitness is an effective exercise plan to BURN fat and BOOST your calories burned at rest and change your body. Included are 16 different HIIT exercises over an 8-week schedule, suitable for intermediate to advanced exercisers.  This plan is delivered via PDF.  Video demonstrations of each HIIT exercise are included. As a bonus, I have included my 8 favorite protein blender meal recipes.

Why did I create this?

  • HIIT training is proven to be the most effective type of cardio to improve metabolic rate. 
  • HIIT training takes less time and burns more calories than steady state long cardio. 
  • Prevents boredom 
  • Takes the guesswork HIIT  
  • Spend less time in the gym with better results. 
  • Spells out exactly how to perform and schedule HIIT training effectively & safely.
  • Specific HIIT programs are included. 
  • Includes video demonstrations for every exercise.
  • Weight training days are purposely left open to your choice. You have the option to work alone or with a trainer, go to your favorite weight training class, or follow a weight training video. 
  •  Bonus: 8 of my most requested protein blender shake recipes
  • While the vast majority of the exercises are not high impact, a few of them are.
  • Listen to your body and always make safe decisions. 


Upon purchase, you will be re-routed to a confirmation page and a  Thank-You page that will have your PDF attachment ready to be downloaded. Any questions, just email me



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