Did You Know?

  • There are more than 3 millions microbial genes in our gut microbiome – 150 times more genes than in the human genome.
  • Microbiome, in total, can weigh four to five pounds!
  • The human microbiome contains trillions of cells that number human cells by 10 to 1.
  • An overgrowth of certain bacteria can make us crave sugar and processed food so that they can thrive.
  • This leads to, worse of all, BLOAT!

Those sneaky little brats need to be outlawed in our gut!

Ready, Re-Set, Go  (RRG) is a 3-day  gut reset.

There  are occasions in life where taking a brief nutrition vacation is desired. RRG is an approach that can be sued for  up to 3 days to establish a beneficial gut microbiome after a nutritional break or vacation. RRG will result in diminished  cravings and overall improved well being.

Included is the full  protocol with simple meal suggestions, a shopping list and recipes. This is very simple. Prep time is minimal, and this protocol is FREE.

If you are ready to reset your microbiome, get rid of bloat, put the kibosh on cravings, and get back on track  then sign up below!