Can you love the body you are in while working to improve it? Not only is it possible to do both. It is necessary.

For years I struggled with a perfectionist mindset that prevented me from being consistent in my habits. It was the ‘all or nothing mindset’. This is always a set up for failure.

We are not going to be perfect at anything, but we can be more consistent and improve our habits long term. 

Owning imperfection is the gateway to maintaining fit lifestyle habits so that you can be consistent in your ongoing fitness journey.

Below are some of the services that I provide – if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Personal Training for Women:

The biggest struggles women suffer from in a fitness plan are accountability consistency and boredom. I  design private sessions specifically to be fulfilling fun and effective.  After the first few sessions, the honeymoon effect wears off and when you get to that point, I will meet you with enthusiasm and get you through the motivational low points so that you can realize your ideal fitness goals and stay on track.

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One-On-One Coaching

Are you tired of living in a war zone? You know that feeling. Its the one where you are constantly dodging bullets, like forbidden foods, and feeling left out. Then when you do eat delicious food, you feel like you must punish your self with impossible workouts?  

I felt compelled create an individualized one on one coaching system so that you can end this battle. This one on one program will take you from being a serial dieter/cheater to a healthier happier person.

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HIIT Fit Jumpstart

HIIT Fit Jumpstart! Fitness is an effective exercise plan to BURN fat and BOOST your calories burned at rest and change your body. Included are 16 different HIIT exercises over an 8-week schedule, suitable for intermediate to advanced exercisers.  This plan is delivered via PDF.  Video demonstrations of each HIIT exercise are included. As a bonus, I have included my 8 favorite protein blender meal recipes.

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Healthy Nutrition Consult

A personal consultation may be all you need to get your nutrition on track and end the diet-cycle. During our 45 minute call we will:

  • Carefully examine the struggles that are blocking your progress.
  • Uncover your true “why”
  • Recommend potential game plans to end those struggles and uplevel your nutrition in a way that you can live with indefinitely.

This is a one-time thorough dive into your nutritional needs based on your stage of life and preferred lifestyle.

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