“I saw this sign shopping with my best friend when she was in town and immediately thought of Judy and her business. I’m so very grateful to Judy for not giving up on me. I’ve not been the easiest client to say the least. Maybe her toughest… I struggle with consistency and had hormone issues that affected my cognition, focus, mood, weight, memory among other issues. I also went through  a horrific divorce, pinched nerve and back issue that I finally addressed. It’s not a stretch to say I got stuck in the victim role in retrospect. Judy  stuck with me even when I disagreed, didn’t show up, made excuses, went elsewhere, stretched the truth out of embarrassment of not being consistent or following through as I have realized I avoided conflict because of my recent divorce. Judy many times would give me positive and constructive feedback but I was not in a place to hear constructive but  I found later she was spot on albeit I was not prepared to hear it. Most trainers would have said cya but she just quietly built proper boundaries and welcomed me back every time I returned. I’m a therapist so most think we are immune to having issues…  that’s funny….  if your a good therapist you are constantly working on yourself especially when faced with a divorce, death of my mom and job change. Compliment that with my hormone issue and it’s simply a recipe for a few tough years and not being my best self. I’m grateful she never gave up on me and never directly called me out as she is a good solid caring giving person and I’m forever grateful. I’m a very private person and I’m writing this to let you know she has been a godsend to me and supported me even when I made it impossible for her to do so. I’m grateful for the women that I’m surrounded with when we are in group as they are so encouraging and fun. Judy is helping me build muscle and I’ve lost weight and inches. I’m not at my goal but with my hormones leveling through diet, exercise and treatment I know I’ll get there. Thank you Judy for being the best trainer I could have to build muscle and stop my sugar habit! I’ve not only lost weight I’ve gained personal insight in this process and evolved as we are never fully there and a work in progress???#grateful — feeling grateful with Judy Arazoza.”

“Just wanted to let you know how excited I am!  It took almost a year but I feel my lower stomach muscles”  –KS  Small Group Personal Training Participant

“I’ve never been in better shape! The variety of exercises that Judy does keeps it fun and exciting everyday!”–RM

“In 4 months, I lost 9 inches! 3.5 inches in my belly, 2.5 in my waist, 2 in breasts/back and 1 in upper thighs. Your unique resistant training workouts combined with the TRX and your constant reminders to keep the core and everything tight and the little reminders to add more veggies to my diet have really transformed my body!!! It only translates to a few pounds, which I think in the past I focused more on, but losing inches is amazing, my clothes fit better and I am standing taller and leaner. I am so happy and motivated to keep working out and get stronger and more fit! I am so thankful to have you in my life as my cheerleader, my trainer and my friend.” –TK