How Defining Your Core Values Can make your Best Life a Reality

Successful companies are very clear in defining their core values.

For example, Apple believes they are on this earth to make great simple products.

Wegmans, a grocery store chain that is ranked #3 on FORTUNE magazine’s 2019 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For has the following core values: “To care about the well-being and success of every person. High standards are a way of life. To pursue excellence in everything we do. To make a difference in every community they serve.

We benefit greatly when we define our core values on a personal level.

Clearly defining your personal core values will make your day to day habits more meaningful and allow you to live your best life.

Here are 3 reasons why getting clear on your core values is important:

  1. You will remind your brain of what is important to you.
  2. It will have an immense influence on your behavior
  3. It will inspire action in your day-to-day life.

My own personal core value statement is to “Make Every Year my Peak Year: Feel better. Look better. Do better.”

This means not dwelling on the past, or putting off taking action.

Making a core value a reality requires effort. Mark Zuckerberg puts it this way, to “actually follow through on your core value you need to be willing to make sacrifices. Values are not free”

Taking this further, ask your self this: To live at your peak, what are you willing to give up?

This is highly individualistic. It’s important to get very clear on what you are actually willing to let go of and what is non-negotiable.

Take some time to clearly define what your peak life looks like now and how you want it to look in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.

A few years back my peak life included having a body that could be stage-ready in just a few weeks’ time.

After sacrificing our date night social wine habit for months on end, it became apparent that what I was giving up was not in alignment with my true peak living scenario.

The truth is, Ed and I have built a life around enjoying great wine. This is included in our definition of living at our peak. A nearly stage-ready body is not compatible with a date night wine habit. 

According to my core values, feeling better, looking better, and doing better, while enjoying certain activities that I love are a top priority.

It also means giving up some things.

For example, I must pass up the couch to get in four lifting sessions a week. I must commit to walking outdoors year-round. I must commit to eliminating refined foods.

If I can feel my best while enjoying a reasonable amount of wine, then I am ok with walking and working out and avoiding other culinary treats.

Is it a sacrifice? Sure. But as Mark says: values are not free. Values not free, and worse yet, regret is painful. This is how I have chosen to decide what to give up and what to.

Try this: Take some time to write out your personal core values and keep them highly visible.

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